How to Use I-Bind

I-Bind Dilution

Sprayer Types


I-Bind is designed to be used diluted with water. With every case of I-Bind, a bottle is provided for the dilution along with a High Volume Area Sprayer. The Hot-Spot Foam Sprayer can be substituted or ordered separately.

1. Remove the phenolic cap from the I-Bind dilution bottle and fill to the first rung on neck with water. It is important to add the water first to avoid foaming.

2. Carefully pour the I-Bind concentrate to the bottom of the distended neck of the bottle. Leave enough room to allow the sprayer to be inserted.

3. Cap the bottle and gently invert the bottle several times. Remove the cap and insert the sprayer although it is best to let the bottle settle overnight before inserting the sprayer.

The High-Volume Area Sprayer is useful for pretreating surfaces where RadioIodine and F-18 will be used.

The Hot-Spot Foam Sprayer is best for spills and concentrated contamination. Foam sprayed directly on the spill is effective in complexing the radionuclides. In extreme cases, if the surface is compatible, dilute bleach can be put on the spill, allowed to sit for a few minutes, followed by application of I-Bind. The action of I-Bind is complete within minutes although longer contact periods promotes greater penetration into the contaminated surface if needed.

Storage . . .

I-Bind and its dilutions should be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. With time the color of the green I-Bind may fade to a straw color, but the effectiveness of the product is not compromised.

The Hot-Spot Foam Sprayer is shown on the left beside the High-Volume Area Sprayer (red).

It is common for the diluted I-Bind to dry in the nozzle of the sprayers so it may be necessary to wipe them clean prior to use.


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