Direct-VU™ Hand Punch Info

The Direct-VU Hand Punch for producing blood spots from Guthrie Cards and directing them into microplates or tubes has two distinct features to prepare specimens for Newborn Screening: the open punch allows the Guthrie Card to be viewed during the act of punching so only an area saturated with blood is chosen; and the removable plastic tube (the Director) fit into the bottom of the punch directs the spot into the well or tube without fear of missing the target.

Direct-VU Hand Punch

The Director can be removed and either discarded or cleaned of punch dust.

The reach is a full one inch into the Guthrie Card.

Direct-VU Hand Punch

The Director is nothing more than a pipet tip cut to a size that fits easily into each well.

Our aim is to provide the lowest cost solution that will enhance the use of our kits. The overall goal is about finding at risk NewBorns. We understand that the most cost efficient screening will allow for more conditions to be investigated.

As the third Bob in the NewBorn Screening trilogy, after Bob Guthrie, Bob Phillips and now me, Bob Gabardy, I feel an allegiance to the low cost option often invoked in the developing nations to provide screening without million dollar commitments.

The tendency today is to over-engineer the Punch-Indexer as Bob Phillips originally termed it when he acquiesced to Dr Bob Guthrie’s plea to develop such a machine in 1961 to allow expansion from the original PKU screening. Dr Guthrie felt that when more screening conditions could be run on the already acquired Guthrie Cards the overall cost of screening would come down and more babies would be screened.

The Direct-VU hand punch is made in the USA of hardened steel die with nickel plating to high tolerances for accuracy and precision.

Hardened Steel

The standard punch size is 1/8 inch or 3.175mm. Other sizes are available on request.

A single punch with 6 Directors is available for $75.00.


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