Calibrator Information

Quanti-Calibrators™, for checking I-125 and Co-57 Daily Performance on Gamma Counters since 1982.
Don’t introduce imprecision into your assays by using a Multi-Well Gamma Counter that is not properly calibrated.
These calibration check sources are sold as single 12x75mm tubes or as sets of up to 25 tubes matched to within 0.2% at 95% confidence interval, the tightest specification in the industry. They can be used to quickly identify when Normalization is required to bring Gamma Counter Detectors into agreement.

quanticalbeforenormalize  quanticalafternormalize
Multi-Well Detector Matching: Before... and After normalizing with Quanti-Calibrators.

All reference sources are NIST traceable to aid in compliance with regulatory overseers (ISO, CLIA, CAP).
Reflex Quanti-Calibrators are equivalent to:
Multi-Calibrators, a trademark of Laboratory Technologies, INC
ISO-Calibrators, a trademark of MP Biomedicals, INC
Pico-Calibrators, a trademark of PerkinElmer
RUSH ORDERS accepted, but may incur additional charge. Call ANNE to arrange. 619.248-4347 NO BACKORDERS – All orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order. You get the hottest sets and Daily Performance Logs for recording counting parameters of 28 weeks and 106 weeks for I-125 and Co-57, respectively (normally 0.1µC I-125, or 0.1µC Co-57 per tube).
Quanti-Calibrators are available for purchase HERE.