Daily Performance Log

Quanti-Calibrators™ for a Comprehensive Gamma Counter Quality Assurance Program

These calibration check sources are sold as single 12x75mm tubes, or as sets of up to 25 tubes matched to within 0.2% at 95% confidence interval.
Quanti-Calibrators can be used to quickly identify when Normalization is required to bring Gamma Counter Detectors into agreement.
We pioneered RadioImmunoAssay (RIA) in the late 1960s and feel a deep connection to those labs still using their Gamma Counters to perform RIA.
The Multi-Well Gamma Counter was developed under our watch and matched sets of I-125 and Co-57 tubes were made to support them.
Reflex is the only vendor still manufacturing matched sets of Calibrators in the world and we will continue to support our clients. Performance Log