Quanti-Calibrators™ Pricing

Call for other denominations, or for international orders. 800.525-8712, 619.562-1821 or Contact Us.
Each calibrator purchase includes a $25 hazmat fee.
Calibrator sets are matched to within +/- 0.2% at 95% confidence interval, and are approximately 0.1uC per tube.

 I-125 Singles & Matched Sets*

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 Co-57 Singles & Matched Sets*

 (For other set sizes not listed, contact Anne in sales.

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All I-125 sets come with a Daily Performance Log, but ADDITIONAL Logs are $25.00 each.

All Co-57 sets come with a Condensed Log only. Full Daily Performance Logs are $40.00 each.

*Please be sure to enter your SHIPPING ADDRESS when placing your order, not your billing address. Also, please include your phone number under "Special Instructions to Seller".
You will not be charged for more than one hazmat fee per order.
No back orders. A 20% restocking fee applies to all returned sets.
Please note, beginning 01FEB2020, I-125 lots will be cut back from the traditional two fresh lots per month to one, calibrated on the first of the month.
The CPM of a set based upon a nominal 80% I-125 counting efficiency will start at about 240,000 and will end at close to 25,000 at expiry. To receive lots with higher counts, place your order toward the first of the month. Sets shipped during the last week of the month will be about 180,000 CPM.